Buy CBD oil without THC

When CBD oil is obtained, the substance is extracted from industrial hemp, which allows THC to be present in the product if it is not properly separated.

THC is illegal in many countries even in very small quantities. If you are in the process of buying CBD oil and live in a country with conservative THC laws, you should be careful to check that the product you are buying does not contain THC.

To ensure this, you should look at the lab test of the product before shopping, something we will discuss in the next section.

Check lab reports

Many companies that sell CBD products offer public lab results on their websites. Examples of this are Nordic oil and Natural Hemp Life

When going through the analysis, you should look for a high level of CBD and that there is no detectable level of THC.

Natural Hemp Life writes on their website that their CBD products are completely THC free, while Nordic oil only guarantees that THC content never exceeds 0.2%.

However, it can be seen that Nordic Oil’s CBD Hemp oil 5% did not get any results for THC in the lab test available on the website.

To the right, you have both companies’ results, right-click on the image and open in a new window to view these in larger formats.

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Full spectrum or CBD isolate?

CBD isolate is a term that describes a crystalline powder containing only CBD. This form of CBD holds the most amount of processing and can be sold in products containing synthetic or natural flavors. Initial research from Israel shows that the effect of CBD isolates falls along a clock curve, limiting its effectiveness at many dose levels.

Full Spectrum describes a plant oil that contains more than just CBD itself. The additional compounds include other important cannabinoids, phytonutrients, chlorophyll, terpenes and flavonoids. Current research on full spectrum oil suggests that CBD with additional compounds creates an “entourage effect” that is more effective than the CBD.

Water-soluble or in oil form?

Water-soluble CBD is absorbed more effectively by the body, as it is water-soluble, which means you can easily mix it in a smoothie or other drink.

CBD in oil can be taken orally or applied directly to the skin, something this product is not suitable for.

However, our ability to fully absorb all cannabinoids is poorer when ingested in oil.

Selection of strength

CBD oil is usually sold in the form of 5%, 10% or 15%, it is usually recommended to start with the lowest dose.

If you have tested CBD and believe that many drops are required to get the desired effect, you can instead test ordering an oil that is stronger.

The percentage indicates how much of the content consists of CBD.

Difference between CBD oil and hemp oil

CBD oil is the oil that contains cannabidiol (CBD). This has been extracted from the leaves and stem of the cannabis plant (see industrial hemp).

The extract is then usually combined with a carrier oil (often olive oil, coconut oil or the like).

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is extracted from the seeds of the hemp and thus contains neither CBD nor other cannabinoids.

Hemp oil is usually used in cooking and cosmetics.

Method of preparation

The most common way is to extract the CBD from the leaves, flowers and stems of the cannabis plant using solvent or heat.

Regarding the use of solvents, there is the “fine” method of using CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a solvent.

Furthermore, there is the budget alternative that involves using other chemicals such as ethanol, butane, kerosene, etc. as a solvent.

When it comes to heating method, on the other hand, steam is used to extract the oil in a gentle and efficient manner.

The extraction method directly affects the quality of the oil you buy.

When creating high quality full spectrum oil, it is important to extract CBD without causing damage during the process.

If the cannabinoids or terpenes are destroyed or damaged, the product will have less effect or require added flavors to mask unwanted taste.